Don’t forget the benefits of Section 179 as you wrap up the end of the 2016. We have over 500 machines in stock to qualify for your tax incentives.  Kitamura, Hyundai Wia, GF, Ganesh, Takamaz and many more.  All are ready for delivery by the end of the year, ensuring that you get the tax credit you deserve.

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Knox can help you cut more than just metal.

Knox can help you cut more than just metal. Cutting through red tape to get your capital equipment financed can be tougher than cutting through inconel. But our innovative financial programs can help you to cut through red tape like it was machinable wax!

You may need cash quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities, and that’s where Knox Financial can provide the advantage you need. We check out hundreds of potential lenders, and do the math to identify the solution that’s right for you. Plus, we’ll tailor a program that meets your needs and helps you reach your goals — whether it is a great rate, manageable payments, or flexible terms.

Knox Financial offers:

  • Flexible Financing Options
  • True Operating Leases
  • Tax Expense Leases
  • Capital Leases
  • Bank-Type Financing
  • Graduated Payment Terms
  • Skip Payment

Inflexible terms or unreasonable lenders are the last thing you need to deal with, so call Knox first!

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