Fryer-XP-SeriesFryer Machine Systems promises quality products, fair prices and exceptional customer service.

This family-owned, New York-based machine company produces a diverse line of more than 50 models of top-of-the-line machining tools. Fryer Machine Systems’ mission is to provide customers with user-friendly and affordable machines. With a strong foothold in the aerospace and automotive industry, Fryer has thrived in even the worst economic times by steadfast dedication to this mission. Fryer delivers innovative solutions and provides unsurpassed customer service. Not only does this All-American company treat customers with the utmost importance, but they also deeply care about their employees, as well. Fryer Machine Systems makes it a priority to ensure that employees have a gratifying workplace that promotes personal and professional development.

Fryer Machine Systems manufactures top-quality machining that incorporates leading technology. Fryer takes machine producing to the next level by creating custom parts and machines for their customers to deliver the perfect machine for a company’s application.

Fryer Machine Systems include:

Vertical Machining Centers, available in a variety of series and dimensions to offer ultimate performance with easy-to-use, groundbreaking technology. (View Product List)

Horizontal Machining Centers are high-performance CNC machines ranging in size, functionality and features, all of which result in quality precision and customization. (View Product List)

5-Axis CNC Machining Centers incorporate a flexible spindle that allows for seamless rotation and are available in series that include features tailored to your needs. (View Product List)

Turning Centers are available in a variety of series that include ultra-precise spindles and are designed for your most complex applications. (View Product List)

Toolroom Mills are built to be the most reliable and accurate machines in the field. These easy-to-use machines come in an array of styles to custom-fit all of your milling needs. (View Product List)

Toolroom Lathes are designed for toolmakers by toolmakers. Fryer Machine Systems toolroom lathes come in a variety of sizes and capacities for high rigidity and exceptional precision. (View Product List)

Custom Machines are cost-effectively designed for a unique task. Our engineering experts and extensive experience with milling, drilling, laser, process automation and custom fixtures allow Fryer to provide easy-to-use machines that help clients overcome their biggest obstacles.

Touch 2200 Control brings groundbreaking technology to your company. This highly advanced, easy-to-use technology is designed for maximum productivity.

We provide 360-degree solutions to our customers by helping them find an innovative answer to all of their tooling needs. If you are located in the Dayton or Cincinnati regions or anywhere throughout Ohio, call Knox Machinery at 877-566-9262 for a quote or more information about Fryer Machine Systems.