Ganesh Machinery makes professional CNC machining accessible to companies of all sizes.

Ganesh Machinery is proof that machining customers don’t have to sacrifice quality for value. Since its founding in Chatsworth, California in 1985, Ganesh has designed machining centers and lathes that perform remarkably for the price. With critical components produced in Japan and final machines built in a 40,000 square-foot, ISO-9001 certified facility in Taiwan, these products can compete in both price and quality with its market peers. If your organization has been looking for a way to expand capabilities but hesitated due to startup costs, Ganesh may be just what you’ve been looking for to jump to the next level.

Knox Machinery can help your company get up-and-running with any of the Ganesh product lines available:

Cyclone Series Multi-Axis Bar Machines: These CNC machines, which range from 4-11 axes, come packaged with a basic assortment of shaping tools and spindles, providing operators with wide functionality from day one. While the exact model will depend on your specific application, each of these models represents a logical, affordable entry-point to professional CNC machining. (View Product List)
  • Cyclone-32 NCY
  • Cyclone-78MSY
  • Cyclone-52 3TMY
  • Cyclone-32/42 GTS
  • Cyclone-52 TTMY
  • Cyclone-70 3TMY
  • Cyclone-32 CS
  • Cyclone-70 TTMY
  • Cyclone-52 BY2

GTW and GTD Series Big Bore CNC Lathes: Ganesh manufactures a handful of heavy-duty boring lathes for precisely drilling and threading large holes such as tubes and shafts. (View Product List)
  • GTW-30 CNC
  • CTW-5240 T CNC
  • GTW-34-38-42 CNC
  • GTD-44 CNC

VFM Series Vertical Machining Centers: Ganesh shines at producing economical machines that can have an immediate impact on your manufacturing capacity and profits – and vertical machining centers can provide just that high-volume boost to your production. Best of all, vertical machining centers are simpler devices that are easier to learn and maintain. (View Product List)
  • VFM-2818
  • VFM-4024
  • VFM-5127
  • VFM-6328
  • VFM-7039
  • VFM-7839
  • VFM-8639
  • VFM-10039
  • VFM- 2818 5 Axis

ASL and KSL Series CNC Slant Bed Turning Centers: Slant beds offer advantages in chip evacuation and milling for certain applications. (View Product List)
  • ASL-6
  • ASL-8
  • ASL-10
  • ASL-15
  • ASL-20
  • ASL-24
  • ASL-30
  • KSL-5212 TMY
  • KSL-7612 TMY

A Ganesh CNC machine is just one part of the 360-degree solution that Knox Machinery offers. Contact our team for parts, service and support for the life of your product. Contact us online or call 877-566-9262 with any and all of your questions related to Ganesh Machinery or any of the other makes we offer.