CNC equipment from GF Machining Solutions helps businesses make their mark, increase process control, and get to market faster. With Knox Machinery, the purchase of these machines is easy.

From small toolmakers to global corporations, GF Machining Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of machines, automation solutions and services to the tool and mold making industry, as well as manufacturers of precision components. For a century and a half, GF Machining Solutions has been a global source of innovation and authority to its clients. The company strives to stand out for its sustainability-conscious performance and efforts in all its products. This Switzerland-based manufacturer is founded on the values of unsurpassed customer service, exceedingly efficient machines, market-driven innovation and standard-setting excellence.

GF Machining Solutions is a technological pioneer with more 100 patents on apparatus, methods, processes and devices for machine tools, numerical control and more. GF Machining Solutions capitalizes on speed and accuracy when it comes to its products, which include EDMs, milling machines, laser technology and automation solutions and software. GF Machining Solutions’ laser and EDM product line, AgieCharmilles, is a frontrunner in EDM technologies and incorporates a revolutionary mindset of excellence that results in individualization of customer products.

GF Machining Solutions products include:

Wire Cut EDM Machines are ultra-precise cutting machines trusted in key industries including aerospace, defense and medicine. (View Product List)
  • Micro Machining
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 1000
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 1000 OilTech
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 OilTech
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 400 Sp
    • AgieCharmilles AC Progress VP2
    • AgieCharmilles AC Progress VP3
    • AgieCharmilles AC Progress VP4
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 200 Dedicated
  • Top End Accuracy
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 1000
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 S
  • High Speed Machining
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 200 mS
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 200 Sp
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 300 mS
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 300 Sp
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 2000 S
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 3000 S
  • General Purpose
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P
    • AgieCharmilles CUT 30 P
    • AgieCharmilles CUT E 600
  • Blueline
    • FW 1U
    • FW 2U
    • FW 3U

Die Sinking EDM Machines are revolutionized EDM technology incorporated with the world’s fastest tool changer plus technology that reduces electrode wear. All die-sinking systems provide quick removal and mirror finishes of Ra 0.2 µm (8 µin) with pulse duration of 50 nanoseconds. (View Product List)
  • Micro machining
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 1000
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 200 mS
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 2000 VHP
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 3000 VHP
  • High Speed Machining
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 200 Bp
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 200
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 300
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 400
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 200 SP
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 300 SP
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 2000 HP
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 3000 HP
  • Super Finish
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 20
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 30
  • General Purpose
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 200 Bp
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 300 SP
  • Cost Effective
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 20
    • AgieCharmilles FORM 30
  • Cost Effective CNC
    • SP
    • SP 1U 3

Hole Drilling EDM Machines use a cost effective electrode tube to drill holes on an electrically conductive material at high speeds. Hole depth diameter ratios can reach up to 200. (View Product List)
  • AgieCharmilles DRILL 300
  • AgieCharmilles DRILL 300 B
  • AgieCharmilles DRILL 20

High Speed CNC Machining Centers that are ten times faster than standard milling machines and deliver greater accuracy and enhanced surface finish. (View Product List)

GF Machining Solutions’ Laser Product Line enables operators to produce cutting-edge texturizing, engraving, microstructuring and marking and labeling of complex 2D to 3D geometries. (View Product List)
  • AgieCharmilles LASER 600 3Ax-5Ax
  • AgieCharmilles LASER 1000 3Ax-5Ax
  • AgieCharmilles LASER 1200 5Ax
  • AgieCharmilles LASER 4000 5Ax
  • AgieCharmilles Laser P 400

GF Machining Solutions Automation and Software includes automation systems and software for configuring machine tools and recording and trading data between structure components. (View Product List)
  • WorkPartner 1+
  • Workpal Compact
  • System 3R Transformer
  • WorkShop Manager

GF Machining Solutions Tooling supports all operations of palletizing and holding work pieces or electrodes in all manufacturing technologies.

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