May 31, 2012

Greg at The Aileron Center With Founder Clay Mathile

It is no “news” to anyone that Knox Machinery has gone through a lot of positive changes over the past few years – including a total overhaul of our logo, branding, website, image, service department and offerings and much more.

Greg Clay PictureKnox Machinery has been working closely with the consultants at The Aileron Center ( for almost 4 years now, and Greg attributes much of the company’s success to the professional management techniques and assistance that Aileron has brought to KMI.

All managers at Knox Machinery have gone through the course for senior management, and Knox Machinery has used Aileron to help them set up their advisory board of directors as well as doing their strategic planning with the Aileron experts. As a matter of fact, there is never a month that goes by that doesn’t see several Knox employees roaming the halls of the Aileron for some class, board meeting or just “business thinking” time…

Greg was really pleasantly surprised by an hour visit to his recent class by Clay Mathile himself – the visionary founder of Aileron. For those who are not familiar, Clay is the gentleman who took Iams dog food from a million dollar company to a billion dollar company, which he eventually sold for $2.3 Billion dollars to Proctor and Gamble (the most money they had ever paid for an acquisition)

Between the class, a reception hosted that night, and lunch with him, Greg got to spend several hours with Clay – much of it one on one. “It was absolutely incredible”, Greg said. “He is one of the richest men in the world, and yet he is SO down to earth, and humble…he spent almost the whole time asking ME questions, and making suggestions to help me and my business”

Knox Machinery, like so many in the Dayton community, are indebted to Mr. Mathile for all that he has personally invested to help make us all better businessmen and women for the ongoing viability and economic prosperity of the region. Thank you, Clay.