Jan 22, 2013

Hard Milling Success

Dale and GregGreg Knox presents Dale Mickelson with the ultimate award, Daylight Donut’s world famous Bacon Maple artery clogger for a job-well-done after a week of hard milling training at Knox Machinery.

Dale Mickelson of CAMTech, a long time pioneer in hard milling and advanced manufacturing processes, participated in a week of training at Knox Machinery, assisting one of Knox’s good customers in a complete turnkey of several different families of hardmilled parts which are critical to their operations.. The entire package included Master Cam software and training, a full fourth axis rotary table, Renishaw automated probing, and tooling to include shrink fit and big plus holders. The machining center used is a YCM NSV102A equipped with a 12,000 RPM big plus spindle, THK roller guide ways, 30 station tool changer, CTS capability, and a Fanuc high speed controller.

HM class 6

The customer’s challenge was to produce these parts with high speed milling in half, or less, the time it takes them currently to produce these components on EDM and grinding equipment – with no secondary operations. Between Dale’s cutting edge methods and the speed and rigidity of the YCM NSV102, the customer was realizing 60% to70% process time improvement before the week was even over!

Hard Mill cut.jpgKnox Machinery loves teaming with customers on these kinds of projects; helping our customers to increase their profitability through increased productivity is the backbone of our success.

For more about hard milling, turnkey solutions, and CAMTech, please call Knox Machinery at (937) 743-2641.