Kitamura Horizontal Machining Center HX500GKitamura precision machining centers are accurate, reliable and provide a long machine tool life – and are available for hassle-free purchase from Knox Machinery.

Since 1933, Japanese manufacturer Kitamura Machinery has developed and sold innovative machines for high performance milling and cutting. Focused on research, development and continuous product improvement, Kitamura boasts more than 300 patents and patents pending for high-performance machining. Family owned and operated for its entire 80-year history, Kitamura is committed to the quality design and manufacture of every horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining center that bears its name.

Tooling experts looking to bolster their capabilities and quoting strength with the help of top-of-the-line equipment will find much to be excited about in Kitamura product design. Premium components such as solid box ways, fine-pitch ball screws and feature-rich controls give users the capability to cut at speeds up to 2,000 ipm, consistently and with remarkable accuracy.

Kitamura’s line of CNC machining centers includes:

Mycenter® Horizontal Machining Centers, available in a wide variety of sizes, depending on volume and work-envelope needs. (View Product List)
  • MyCenter-HX250G
  • MyCenter-HX400G
  • MyCenter-HX400iFTGA
  • MyCenter-HX500G
  • MyCenter-HX500iTGA
  • MyCenter-HX630iTGA
  • MyCenter-HX800iLTGA
  • MyCenter-HX1000i
  • MyCenter-HX1250i

Mycenter® Vertical Machining Centers, available in a wide variety of configurations, for the most demanding cutting environments. (View Product List)
  • MyCenter-3XD
  • MyCenter-3XiF “Sparkchanger”
  • MyCenter-3XG
  • MyCenter-3XG “Sparkchanger”
  • MyCenter-4XiF
  • MyCenter-4XT
  • MyCenter-4XD #40
  • MyCenter-4XD #50
  • MyCenter-7X

Double Column Machining Centers offering work envelopes up to 100” x 63.8” x 31.5” and Kitamura high-speed spindles in a double bridge type design. (View Product List)
  • Bridgecenter-6G #40
  • Bridgecenter-6G #50
  • Bridgecenter-8F #40 / #50
  • Bridgecenter-10

Kitamura 5-Axis Machining Centers that deliver multi-sided cutting capability in an operator-friendly format. 
  • MyCenter-4XT
  • MyTrunnion-1
  • MyTrunnion-4G
  • MyTrunnion-5
  • MyCenter-Supercell 400

CNC Jig Borers, such as the Kitamura Jigcenter-5, offering precision boring accuracy (±0.000039” Full Stroke, repeatability ±0.00002) for various workpiece shapes and sizes. (View Product List)
  • JigCenter-5

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