Dec 9, 2011

Knox Machinery Christmas Open House 2011 !!!

Greg  RobinThe Knox Machinery elves “decked the halls” and opened up the doors to their customers on December 7th and 8th for the annual Christmas customer appreciation open house.

The first day began with a technical presentation from Robin Rutschilling of Clippard Instruments, who shared many of Clippard’s secrets to process improvement and multi-tasking. Clippard has purchased 3 Ganesh Cyclone 7 axis lathes from Knox Machinery over the past 5 years and Robin showed how Clippard has used the Ganesh machines to go from 4 plus operations on many parts to running parts complete – and unmanned …and overnight !

Santa and Mrs. Claus didn’t seem to mind sitting through the technical presentation (especially since Santa was a toolmaker @ Whirlpool for several decades before hanging up his apron, or should we say “trading it in full time for the red hat”)

Greg Jerry MM ClausBullwinkle’s catered the affair (to rave reviews!) and a varied assortment of home brews, strange brews and any different number of home distilled spirits started showing up later in the day, just in time for an impromptu jam session featuring about half a dozen guitarists showcasing almost every style and genre of music…(possibly even inventing a few new ones before the end of the evening!)

Day two was much of the same, including a bunch of canned and home-made foodsGreg Jerry Nunner and goodies (special kudos to Ann’s meatballs, Jerry’s jalapeno poppers, Greg’s gingerbread homebrew and Mrs. Roy’s butterscotch chocolate mélange)

If you missed the festivities, shame on you…but you can redeem yourself by marking your calendar now for Knox Machinery’s annual St Patrick’s Day open house on March 16th 2102 (Yes – we KNOW St. Paddy’s is the 17th – but that is a Saturday next year!)

Knox Machinery would like to thank all of our customers for our success in 2011, and we look forward to serving all of you and enjoying a mutually prosperous 2102 together.

Merry Christmas and may the Child King bless you and all yours in 2012 and beyond.

Greg Knox

CNC Czar