Oct 3, 2014

MQL – Less is More

“Very Skeptical” was probably the most used phrase at Knox Machinery Friday, August 8th during the HydroTech sponsored MQL class.  When the .385 x 6” long drill punched through 4140 pre heat treat using only the fog of the Dropsa MQL, it was clear that there is still room for major innovation in our industry. Manufacturers from all different sized companies with many different applications joined us.  We cut steel on a high speed vertical machining center, an eleven axis – 46 tool station – double Y-axis live tool turning center, and semi-automatic saw. All participants were given videos of the demonstrations performed that day along with speeds, feeds, and tooling specifications.

Hydrotech is a lubrication solution specialist that can offer a complete line of standard and custom lubrication systems including Dropsa. What makes Dropsa unique is its aerosol delivery system which allows it to be plumbed into a machine tools existing coolant delivery system and can use the same coolant M-codes in existing programs.

MQL Start11