Aug 5, 2014

Our Newest Member of the Knox Family

Knox Machinery welcomes our newest service technician – Jackson Weldy. Jackson and his lovely wife Lindsey have been married since 2006. They have 2 beautiful children, Ava (4) and Parker (6). Jackson has been working in the Industrial Maintenance world for 12 years now so he is no stranger to high tech machinery. With his past experience and his training/coursework from Sinclair Community College, Jackson should be a “black belt” with all of the Knox products and service offerings in no time! Jackson works very diligently and accurately to get the job done and ensure things are completed right the first time. He cannot keep it all work and no play, which is why he enjoys DJ’ing in his free time. With Jackson’s eagerness and willingness to learn and grow, he is a great addition to the Knox family.

A great edition!!

A great addition!!