Mar 2, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Open House: March 15 & 16 with Collaborative Robots

Q: How are job shops finally having success incorporating robots in their operations?

A: New, Easy, Collaborative Technology


If you think you “can’t afford” automation, or that you “don’t have the volume to justify it” – there are too many new success stories to make you think otherwise.

Manufacturers of all shapes and sizes are leveraging the new wave of user-friendly and cost-effective collaborative robots to increase their productivity. To learn how, join us at the Knox Machinery Tech Center as local collaborative experts present:

Collaborative Robots for the Job Shop

Topics Include:

  • How to find robot opportunities in a job shop
  • How to implement a robot into a job shop
  • The similarities of a conventional and collaborative robot
  • The differences between collaborative and conventional robots
  • Examples of application success stories

RSVP by phone — 937-743-2641, or email [email protected] 

Date: March 15 and 16
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Class starts at 10:00 AM Lunch Served at 11:30 AM.

Knox Machinery, Inc. • 375 Industrial Drive • Franklin, OH 45005

Call for directions or visit

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