You’ll never find the bargains you don’t look for.

“Discontinued” does not mean “unusable.” If an older model of a CNC machine fits your needs — and especially your budget — you may be able to get dramatic savings on outstanding products! Mills, lathes, drills, turning and machining centers, high-speed multi-axis machines, and more. All top quality CNC equipment, and all ready to go to work at your shop today!

Much of our clearance inventory is being sold at a loss.But we’d rather see that machinery installed and producing, than sitting motionless in our warehouse.Our loss is not just your gain — it’s the metal cutting and manufacturing industries’ gain, and our economy’s gain, too.

If you want lower costs but not lower standards, call Knox first!

Need to have a clearance of your own?

One man’s “junk” is another man’s treasure! If you have equipment that’s no longer vital to your operation and you would like Knox Machinery to help you sell it, please fill out this form and upload 3-5 digital photos.

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