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As manufacturing regains its momentum, get ahead of your competitors. And stay ahead! Let Knox be your one stop resource for all your machining needs.

What’s more, Knox understands that your investment must deliver a significant return, which is why we only sell the brands that have proven their worth time and time again. Quality, precision, durability, reliability, flexibility, serviceability… They all matter to you. And that matters to us.

So, in this full contact sport called manufacturing, if you want to finish first, call Knox first!

Kitamura The Japanese Legend! Since 1933, Kitamura has produced the most reliable and productive machine tools the milling world has known. With rapid rates of 2,000 ipm on boxed ways, to 20,000 rpm spindles with directly coupled gearboxes, Kitamura offers technology that can make your quoting department unbeatable.

Ganesh No other manufacturer offers higher technology at such affordable prices! From fully loaded 7-axis CNC multi-tasking lathes starting at under $120,000.00, to fully featured CNC mills and lathes starting at under $40,000. Ganesh makes breaking into CNC affordable, and “taking it to the next level” a reality!

Yama Seiki Established in the year 2000, Yama Seiki USA belongs to The Goodway Machine Tool Group, which includes Goodway Machine Corp. and Awea Mechantronic Co. With over 55 years of combined experience in manufacturing high quality machine tools within their own field of expertise, for milling since 1986 and for turning since 1975. Together, we produce over 2,500 CNC turning and machining centers of various sizes annually for the world market and is steadily growing at 20~30% per year. Yama Seiki USA unites the Goodway and Awea products together to form one of the most extensive machine tool lines the market has to offer, and is dedicated to serve the North American market.

Fryer We can do that… and build it in America! Family-owned Fryer Machine Systems produces a diverse line of over 50 models of high quality machine tools in their Patterson, NY USA facility. Over the years Fryer has become well-respected for their quality, innovation and know how. In addition to producing the standard easy to use machines that put them on the map, Fryer produces customized machines for a number of major companies in the aerospace and automotive markets. Give us a part and there is a good chance we can customize our products and deliver the perfect machine for your application.

Takamaz  Automation out of the box! Takamaz offers a complete line up of Automated High Speed Lathes which are ideal for producing high volumes of smaller sized components with chuck sizes ranging from 4″ – 10″. When it comes to fast cycles and tight tolerances on near net parts, Takamaz is in a class by themselves. With thousands of installations here in the United States, Takamaz truly is a proven solution for your production needs.

Jobs The fastest high-speed 5-Axis Gantry Mills on the Planet! Featuring a full line of High Speed and heavy-duty 5-Axis mills from 80 inches to 40 feet of travel, linear motors and feed rates approaching 3,000 ipm! This is technology that will put you “light years” ahead of the competition on the “really large stuff”.