Look before you leap!

We don’t expect you to purchase or lease merchandise this expensive and this critical to your operation based on just a photo or spec sheet. You want to see it in action. Better still, you probably want to put it through a few moves yourself. That’s why our 3,000 sq. ft. showroom is really a do-room, where you can see cutting edge CNC machines actually cutting.

While Knox Machinery offers a host of regularly scheduled training classes and tech days, we always encourage customers to schedule personal one-on-one demos so that their specific applications and needs can be directly addressed. This often involves pre-scheduling software, tooling or accessories experts to be on hand, depending on the application.

Bring your parts, prints, or just your curiosity, and to roll up your sleeves with our experts to get hands-on exposure to our technology.

Is lunch time the only chance you have to get away from your shop? Schedule a lunchtime demo, and we will have your favorite pizza (although we don’t recommend slicing it on our floor models)!

Early morning, after hours, or “Lunch & Learn” — let us know what time works for you, because you always come first!

See Knox Machinery on YouTube. Click here.