Turn downtime into productivity.

Downtime — on your equipment’s terms — can kill productivity and profits. But when you call the shots by scheduling downtime to troubleshoot your CNC machinery, uninterrupted productivity is virtually assured.

You know that old saying about apples and doctors.

A Knox Preventive Maintenance Program can help keep your metal cutting equipment and your bottom line healthy by identifying worn or damaged parts, loose or misaligned components, or other potential fail points before they can bring your operation to a grinding halt.

Choose from two service levels — both of which include:

A Renishaw Ball Bar Test – Visual charts to explain machine health.


K1 Service is a comprehensive inspection that includes essential steps like:

• Renishaw Ball Bar Test and Report (wireless and volumetric measuring capability)

• Machine Functionality Inspection

• Machine Align/Level Inspection

• Air, Hydraulic, & Electrical System Inspection

• And much more…

K Plus Service is total machinery care that includes the entire K1 Service plus a tune-up, parts adjustment, and appropriate component upgrades. Best of all, K Plus Service is available in a variety of packages that can be purchased individually or in any combination that suits your needs. With the K Plus options, you can be confident that you’re never buying too much service — or too little!

Don’t let equipment malfunction take a bite out of your productivity or profits.

Contact Knox Machinery today at 1-877-KNOX-CNC about our K1 and K Plus Services.