CNC Precision Lathes from Takamaz provide automation out of the box. Knox Machinery makes the purchase of Takamaz machines easy.

For more than 50 years, the Takamatsu Machinery Company Ltd. has been creating customer-oriented, profit-making tools and machines for manufacturers. Offering precision, automation and high quality, Takamaz CNC precision lathe machines are the standard by which many other machines should be judged.

Takamaz offers a complete lineup of automated, high-speed lathes that are ideal for producing high volumes of smaller components. Takamaz chuck sizes range from 4 inches to 10 inches. When it comes to fast cycles and tight tolerances on near net parts, Takamaz machines are in a class by themselves. With thousands of U.S. installations, Takamaz is a proven solution for your production needs.

Takamaz machines offer a benefit that is hard to find in other machines – the incorporation of standardization into all automated systems. With standardization, Takamaz is able to develop machines that meet individual user needs while staying extremely competitive in performance and price. The easy-to-customize, standardized automated product lines offered by Takamaz also come with total product support, from design to manufacturing, which ensures your Takamaz machine is set up for automation out of the box.

Knox Machinery carries Takamaz equipment because it conforms to our philosophy of quality over quantity. Since our founding, we have represented only the best brands, like Takamaz, for our customers’ benefit. By offering a strategically selected variety instead of a single brand, we provide true engineering objectivity, so that our customers get the best machine for the application. Every time.

Takamaz Products:

Takamaz offers a variety of CNC precision lathes with single and double spindles, turrets and slides.

CNC 1 Spindle, 1 Turret Precision Lathes: (View Product List)
  • XC-100
  • XC-150
  • XL-100
  • XL-150
  • XL-200
  • X-120
  • GSL-10
  • GSL-15

CNC 1 Spindle, 2 Turret Precision Lathe (View Product List)
  • X-S700

CNC 2 Spindle, 1 Slide Precision Lathe (View Product List)
  • XD-8 Plus
  • XD-10i

CNC 2 Spindle, 2 Slide Precision Lathe (View Product List)
  • XW-30
  • XW-30 Plus
  • XW-60/60M
  • XW-80/80M
  • XW-130
  • XW-130M
  • XW-200

CNC 2 Spindle, Multi-turning Center (View Product List)
  • XY-120 Plus
  • XY-2000 Plus

CNC Precision Lathe (View Product List)
  • USL-480
  • J-Wave
  • Top-Turn 2
  • Polygon Machine

At Knox Machinery, all Takamaz equipment we sell comes with our 360-degree CNC solution – from sale, to installation and training, parts and accessories to service, preventive maintenance and even financial services, we deliver full service for every aspect your product. Even if you’ve bought your machinery from someone else, Knox still offers 360-degree support. We do this because our success depends on your success.

For a quote or more information about Takamaz equipment available in Dayton, Cincinnati and the Ohio region, call Knox Machinery at 877-566-9262.