It’s great to love what you do. Even better when your customers love what you do.

“We’ve been using Knox Machinery service on a number of different brands of machines in our shop and I would recommend them to anyone. They are fair, work hard, and are easy to deal with. I always receive detailed reports on the work they have done. Knox also is very competitive cost wise when compared to OEM support.”
– Joe D. Manufacturing

“Knox Machinery has been a great partner for servicing machines we’ve purchased from them and we use them to work on other equipment as well. I would recommend them to any machine shop.”
– Andy D. Aerospace Manufacturing

“We purchased a used live tool lathe from Knox Machinery and their service and applications team installed and trained us like it was a new machine. Years later they always respond in a timely manner and treat us like we bought a dozen machines from them.”
– Bill H. Manufacturing 

“Knox Machinery service is competent, responsive, and very easy to work with. They have done such a terrific job for us that we have started using them on other brands of machines in our plant.”
– Chris N. Manufacturing

“Knox Machinery service and applications support is great to deal with. We ask, they make it happen, no hassles, we’re up and running.”
– Greg D. Appliance Manufacturing

“I never would have dreamed we could get a full 7-axis machine for so little…and the service and support has been outstanding.”
– Dan W. Equipment Manufacturing

“Both the quality and technology of the equipment, as well as the promises of service from Knox seemed too good to be true for the money, but they definitely were not. Knox really stands behind their products.”
– Robin R. Instrument Manufacturer

“We started with Knox over a dozen years ago and have bought millions from them since then…they have been integral in the growth of our Company. ‘Old fashioned values and cutting edge technology’ that really does sum it all up!”
– Jack T. Defense Contractor

“Knox did such a good job of servicing their competitors equipment in our shop, that we now buy our new CNC equipment from them.”
– Norm H. Cylinder Manufacturer

“Buying from Knox is like becoming part of their family. They regularly have their service techs stop by just to see how we are doing – with no strings attached. That’s what I call ‘good service’!”
– Mike B. Contract Parts Manufacturer

“Anyone can sell you a machine but I’ve never seen a company so committed to training you on it and making sure its running properly as Knox. They really go above and beyond.”
– Nate B. Aerospace Manufacturer

“We have bought a lot of equipment from Knox Machinery over the years, and I can say unconditionally that no one stands behind their product better than Knox.”
– Pat T. Medical Parts Manufacturer

“Since we started buying from Knox about 12 years ago we have doubled our milling departments productivity and decreased our downtime substantially.”
– Carlos R. Contract Parts Manufacturer

“Knox Machinery really puts their money where their mouth is. They showed us a better process for making our parts and then ran off a dozen of them to prove it to us before we ever gave them the order. We’ve purchased over 12 machines from Knox since then and plan on buying more. Their after sales support is really outstanding.”
– Scott E. Punch Manufacturer

“Over a dozen years later we continue to buy from Knox for the same reason. Integrity. They do what they say they’re gonna do – when they say they are gonna do it. The equipment has been great, and they’re even greater.”
– Bill S. Aerospace Manufacturer